How to keep the cold out of your freezing apartment

How to keep the cold out of your freezing apartment

It’s cold. Damn cold, at least here in San Francisco (although the weather maps show a lot of blue and purple shading in the rest of the country as well!). My apartment, while costing the equivalent of sending two kids to college for a year amongst the four of us, has neither heat nor window insulation. That means it’s super cold inside as well! Getting up in the morning is definitely tough…

To fix this, we have some space heaters, but that’s not enough, and not the best for the environment. One problem is that the windows are single-pane, another is that the windows are pretty loose in the frame.

What you really need for the gaps around the windows are some of these:

(Probably go for the narrowest you can- depends on how loose your windows are)

To try to mimic double-pane glass, try this:

If you have a house or want other more general tips, check out this guide from someone in Alaska – I imagine the Alaskans are pretty good at this…

Hopefully this will help- it has certainly made a difference in my room. And remember: the way PG&E calculates your bill, anything above the ‘normal’ range can really add up.

2 thoughts on “How to keep the cold out of your freezing apartment

  1. You omitted telling us just how cold.

    In SF, your definition of “Damn Cold” is probably something the rest of us would laugh at.

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